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About Us

Welcome to Jardin Royalmount, an expertly designed event theatre garden located in the heart of Montreal.

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What makes us unique

This open-air venue is a versatile space that offers a sophisticated backdrop for hosting private wedding celebrations, corporate events, and special occasions for hundreds of guests in a safe model that allows for proper social distancing.
It also serves as a stylish setting for public functions of any kind.

This site can flex according to government guidelines set by provincial and municipal leaders and conform to all health rules and regulations.


The Team


Lorne Levitt

Total Events
Owner, Lead Event Producer

Co-Founder of the widely successful Royalmount Drive-In Theatre which provided the Montréal community a safe place to consume entertainment. Lead producer of private events, emphasizing the importance of strong technical and artistic detail. Lorne is a recognized leader in the industry for over 25 years, operating full-service event design and production company.

With extensive knowledge and experience in technical design as well as a musical and artistic background, he has melded these skills successfully to help create award winning productions on an international level.


Adam Bultz

C3 Events
Founder, President, Producer

Co-Founder of the widely successful Royalmount Drive-In Theatre, Adam is again looking forward to providing the Montréal community a venue to consume entertainment in a safe and styled manner.

With over twenty years of experience in the events industry, Adam is an international producer, specializing in corporate launches, tours, event-based marketing, nightlife trends, production design, concerts and public events. Widely known as a leading expert and voice on technical design, production and logistics.


Charles Kay

Modern Event Furniture
Owner, President, Creative Director

A serial entrepreneur and foremost leader in the event design and furnishings business. Charles has founded multiple companies and is a leading expert in the functionality and styling of events worldwide.

Charles is spearheading the design, manufacturing and sourcing of all elements that will comprise the first convertible, multifunctional open-air venue in the heart of Montreal.